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Chef Angela
The CEO of Medicine Everyone Deserves has spent her life in service of others,  so upon meeting Chef Jen, the match was obvious. Angela's skill in the kitchen started with Southern cooking with her mother and old-world Italian cooking with her grandmother.  This love of cooking was later honed in her experience working in fine dining French and Japanese fusion cuisine. She combines all these styles to create unique dishes that taste like a combination of going home to family,  and fine dining with a truly healthy twist. 

Angela has a degree in Psychology and has worked in various areas of addiction medicine. She understands multiple approaches to sobriety and moderation. With nearly a decade of experience in substance abuse detox and sobriety coaching,  Angela has a deep connection with those who have sought solace in substances than in substance. Working with her friends and  colleagues Angela has expanded her repertoire of healing modalities.


Angela is excited to combine her love of food and her dedication to health and well being for all with the techniques and skills she's learned to help create detox assist food plans that ACTUALLY WORK for the client helping with not only withdrawal and craving but brain and body function.  "It's not just what you STOP putting into your body, it truly matters what you START putting into it too!"

Chef Jen

Chef Jennifer Houst (Aka “Detox Jenny”) has been a California Fusion private chef for over 20 years. Her cuisine is inspired by fresh- off-the-vine Californian ingredients; truly gut-nourishing foods that hold the power to transform poor digestion and reinvigorate the body.

While she traveled the world as a private chef on luxury yachts for seven years, cooking for the elite, she ate a lot of rich food and worked extremely long hours. In fact, living such a demanding lifestyle led her to acquire adrenal fatigue, chronic back pain and IBS by the age of 33. Severe adrenal fatigue brought this whiz in the kitchen to her knees and ultimately required her to rethink her passion as a chef. Could working in the kitchen be too much for her now ailing body?


In 2010, with her desire to transform her poor health fresh in her sights, she headed to mount Shasta with her best friend from UC Berkeley (Ellie Lara) to embark on their very first juice cleanse. This 10-day cleanse would spark the creation of Earthly Juices and mark the beginning of “Detox Jenny’s” return to health. Over the next 10 years these BFFs would transform the health of over 15,000 people with their unique system of enzyme-rich living foods and juices that they developed into Earthly Juices’ cleanses.

Detox Jenny currently finds great pleasure in guiding people through superfood transformations and custom juice cleanses. Her latest passions include interviewing wholistic practitioners on her podcast, the Earthly Dish Radioshow, creating Superfood Recipe Videos, and Web Content for her followers to utilize in their own wellness transformations. She is the mother of a wonderful 3-year old boy named Ember who lights up her life.

Vitamin D helps with depression, immune function, teeth and bone health

L-phenylanine helps with depression, pain, stress, mood, withdrawal, dopamine and epinephrine levels

L-tyrosine  reduces stress and supports focus. It creates the building blocks for dopamine, adrenaline, and norepineprine

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