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In addition to MedFund's primary mission of Education, Advocacy, and Access to proven alternative medicines for mental health working with those advancing the field, the following projects help advance our mission of well-being for all
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Culinary Care Packages for Cancer Conquerors

A partnership between Medicine Everyone Deserves and Earthly Juices, this project provides patients fighting to conquer cancer with holistic living juices and food care packages provided by friends and community members

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Project Safety Net

Provides support to nationwide programs that support COVID-19 response and make it easier for people to  shelter in place.

Our pilot efforts include in-home medical care in San Francisco, food distribution in Baton Rouge, and a housing redistribution program in New Orleans. Each program is adapted to the needs of the impacted community. Click the icon at left to learn more!

Sea Lotus Expeditions Logo

Sea Lotus Expeditions

Provides unique unforgettable experiences, research projects, and educational programs that bridge the gap between our natural environment and holistic health practices. Activities and projects would pertain to health, wellness, wildlife and ecological preservation. Click the icon at left to learn more!

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This is My Voice

One project in development is an animated educational children's film for adults in the style of Pixar (R) that teaches the value of your voice and how to express yourself effectively

Pandemic Reintegration Logo

Another project in development is an International Youth Program for Positive Coping Skills and Pandemic Reintegration. This project is an international in-person/hybrid online course utilizing various positive coping skills (orchestral music lessons at a symphony house in China to archery in New York to Yoga in California and more). Children of all ages will have access to both in-person and online classes sharing positive coping skills with therapeutic assistance to help youth in reintegrating to the new normal

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