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A US 501(c)(3) Non-Profit


 A donation of $50 USD typically provides a food and juice care package for 1 patient for 1-2 days

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Yve Hart, diagnosed with terminal cancer, is seeing herself completely healed.  Will you join her in her miracle healing? 


Earthly Juices helps cancer patients that want to conquer cancer by providing holistic living juice & food care packages with the help of friends and community members! 


There appears to be a critical time during and after treatments when eating and drinking living food makes a difference in survival rates and quality of life.

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Medicine Everyone Deserves is a California 501(c)(3) Non-Profit. Donations may be tax deductible

MedFund and Earthly Juices have partnered to make it possible for you to donate to provide healthy culinary care packages to our sponsored cancer survivors.  We are launching our project by sponsoring Yve Hart as she manifests miracles and perfect health through organic living foods, meal delivery, and community support.


Yve's courageous and unique views on "divine appointments" and her embodiment of transformation captured our hearts five years ago.  She openly announced she wanted to "heal her way,” which would be loving, not fighting herself to wellness.


She has experienced clear scans twice, once through a terminal diagnosis that she manifested to stay clear from for two years.  She has given her audience and clients a wealth of information on all her tools, tips, healing modalities, and support that can be a great partnership with conventional medicine or stand-alone treatments.  She honors everyone's choices when it comes to healing.  


Yve Hart would openly receive any support that matches her vision of operating in perfect health as she continues to honor her path on Earth as a catalyst for heart-centered living and to soon continue serving her Healing Arts community.

We invite you to please support Yve by seeing her healed and donating to provide her with healthy foods and juices, as she believes in the power of organic plant-based and mineral-rich foods as part of her healing.  Please join us in supporting her vision to create miracles and heal her way by donating to buy her a juice package at the donate link above.


Who is Yve Hart? Yve is a healer, mother of a beautiful son, heart connector and community leader, cleanse mentor, Theta Healer Master Teacher, and friend. Yve is so special. A true redhead fiery force of nature that has ushered in transformation for many souls coming in on their earthly journey and also leaving this plane. 


As a healer, she uses her insight to work one-on-one or in online groups to bring people closer to their innate intelligence so they can learn to heal themselves.  She trains and certified healers and has assisted numerous cancer patients in finding "healing their way," helping them access their highest truth and anchor in their "healing opportunity" as a way to evolve spiritually.  


Yve Hart is also the author of The 40 Day Green Cleanse, an online cleanse program that helps you access your innate intelligence with mindful and self-loving awareness tools and community support.  Over the last ten years, The 40 Day Green Cleanse has changed the lives of thousands of people, including Chef Jennifer Houst, the owner of Earthly Juices. 


Chef Jen had the opportunity to be the guest chef for The 40 Day Green Cleanse 6 years ago, and on day 17, she conceived her son Ember. This excellent cleanse made her body healthy and strong enough to be open to creating a new life - aka her indigo child and the greatest miracle in her life, Ember Magick Murphy, now six. Chef Jen is deeply grateful that her connection to Yve made this magick miracle happen!


Jen supports Yve in her work and is holding the vision as she wants everyone to see her already healed!  


Please open your hearts and purchase a culinary care package to help guide Yve to more extraordinary well-being. One sip, positive belief, breath, and bite at a time


We believe each package donated to those conquering cancer, or as Yve says, "loving herself into perfect health," aids in survival and a quality life - and we invite you to be part of these life-changing miracles. 

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