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Medicine Everyone Deserves is Sponsoring Project Safety Net in Support of Communities Impacted by COVID- 19

Project Safety Net provides support to nationwide programs that support COVID-19 response and make it easier for people to  shelter in place.

Our pilot efforts include in-home medical care in San Francisco, food distribution in Baton Rouge, and a housing redistribution program in New Orleans. Each program is adapted to the needs of the impacted community.


We will expand these programs into more communities as quickly as possible and need your help. Donations to this project are donations to Medicine Everyone Deserves, a U.S. 501c3 non-profit. All donations submitted through this page support Project Safety Net.

A US 501(c)(3) Non-Profit

We believe that the world can save itself through love and local care. If we can quickly direct resources where they are needed then people are capable of determining what they need and providing it for their community.


We want everyone in the world who needs something in this time of crisis to raise their hand and ask for it. We will get them what they need. We ask everyone who has surplus to give whatever they can. We will send it where its needed the most. Together we can learn from this crisis and grow stronger by building the network of communities that we should have had all along.

First Food Deliveries!!!