Sat, May 25 | Goddess Temple - Jackson Wellsprings


How would you like to enjoy art, entertainment and music of all styles while supporting health-focused nonprofits? Come to PsyFire 2019 Ashland! Tickets are General Admission. Tickets at the door will be $30 (Subject to Change).
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Time & Location

May 25, 2019, 4:00 PM – 11:30 PM
Goddess Temple - Jackson Wellsprings, 2253 OR-99, Ashland, OR 97520, USA

About the Event

How would you like to enjoy art, entertainment and music of all styles while supporting health-focused nonprofits? Come to PsyFire 2019 Ashland!

PsyFire is a nationwide roaming educational event featuring live music, DJs, interactive installations, a soundbath, and speakers and panels with practitioners and experts on topics ranging from harm reduction to holistic and emerging alternative medicines.

Join us on May 25th right after the Exploring Psychedelics 2019 Conference at the beautiful Jackson Wellsprings Resort in Ashland, Oregon.

All proceeds go to support nonprofit organizations supporting research, advocacy, and treatment in the fields of emerging and psychedelic medicine.

Please go to for more information about our 501c3 and the work we do.

What You'll Enjoy and Who You'll Learn From art PsyFire 2019 Ashland:

Food provided by TonTon's Artisan Affections with beverages from The Nectar Parlour.

Pirate Gypsy Productions along with the Furthur Bus, Claude the Dragon, and more will be joining us


The Galactivators (Narkatta & Christa Lauer Everest) and Jhenna-Vie Rijborz.


=<{ COLA

COLA is a psych-rock/art pop band from San Jose, California.

The band's debut album "Great Taste EP" was released on SNAFU Family records in late 2017 to critical acclaim, and an August tour of the Pacific Northwest followed by a The Netherlands, Belgium, and France in December.

After a short hiatus from playing live, COLA is re-emerging with new material, and has plans to release a debut LP soon, and to tour the west coast and Europe again in late summer/fall.

Current members include founding song writer/multi-instrumentalist Cliff Rawson and drummer Kasumi Borelli.

COLA has shared a stage with the likes of Pardoner, Crocodiles, LSD and the Search for God, and Josiah Johnson (The Head and the Heart).

=<{ Jack Pharaoh (Raffi Zaki)

Jack Pharaoh is a multi-instrumentalist who once severed his hand severely leaving him unable to play traditional instruments temporarily during his recovery. This is when he discovered the musical world of electronics. JP now DJ's, makes electronic music live in an improv style, remixes songs on the fly, live jams with other artists, and reprograms technologies to allow for an ever-changing and experimental view on sound and its possibilities.

Jack has a custom setup which he will use to make beats on the fly, and remix songs on the spot. Every performance is unique with a mixture of genres such as trip hop, bass, jazz, experiments, house, and more. Jack invites the audience up to join in jamming. He has several digital instruments available and guide you to control them so they can become part of the music. He Has several touchscreens, light sensors, user friendly keyboard, voice changer, and more.

=<{ Schlaut Sventin & Angela Marie de Pietro as The Sparkside

Schlaut and Angela have been performing with interactive lighting and fire/flow props for several years in the community. The two took one of their themed performance groups The Sparkside to Comic-con Wizard World Tour in 2017 and will be bringing a unique psychedelic rock remix set with interactive intelligent LED's and Grinder Sparks to the event.


=<{ Joe Katta (Narkatta)

Narkatta is a movement designed to help our scene flourish, promoted by an extraterrestrial DJing musician with a current home base in LA who's on a mission to spread the word about the ancient Ibogaine plant. Expect extended sets of sexy organic bass lines and instruments from far away lands mixed with positively nostalgic RnB + Hip Hop lyrics. [MalLabel, Good Looks Collective]

=<{ Tallulah Kidd - Psyolinist

Serenading your senses is the ethereal sound of Tallulah Kidd (Gravity), evoking ancient melodies to stir the soul. Hypnotic, wild and haunting strings inspire waves of emotions as she channels the celestial songs of the cosmos. From healing sound baths to Burning Man sunrises, and even the final launch of the space shuttle Discovery, her violin has touched the hearts of people from all walks of life.

In May of 2017 Tallulah embraced a Nomadic existence beginning in Ashland, Oregon. She backpacked coast-to-coast and border-to-border as her violin provided the soundtrack to her wanderlust. Exactly two years later she comes full-circle with her return to Ashland in her first official performance since taking to the road as the gypsy violinist called “Gravity”.

=<{ Cliff Rawson - Acoustic Set

Cliff Rawson is primarily known as the founding member and principal songwriter of the bay area psych-rock band COLA. He is also a ballet pianist with The New Ballet, and formerly Ballet San Jose, and has toured Europe and America many times with COLA, and with his old band Ladycop from New York city. He is a public school music teacher in Santa Clara and a show promoter in San Jose.

Cliff’s music blends elements of psych, indie, and proto-punk, and ranges from intimate to epic, often within the same song.


=<{ Charles Shaw

A Life Less Ordinary

A Journey Through Entheogenic Medicine from Patient to Practitioner.

In this presentation Charles Shaw will discuss the promises, success, myths and misconceptions of Entheogenic therapy as he takes us on a journey exploring the healing power of entheogenic medicine to treat such severe mental health crises as Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and Substance Use Disorder. We begin 15 years ago when Charles began experimenting with Entheogenic therapy for PTSD and SUD at the same time he was creating memorable journalism and media about drug policy and the new psychedelic revolution for The Guardian, Huffington Post, openDemocracy, Alternet and Reality Sandwich. His documentary films, Soldiers of the Vine and At Home in the Dark: 17 Short Films Exploring Trauma & PTSD, explored experimental therapies in greater detail. He was a longtime festival Producer responsible for bringing MAPS's Zendo Project to Burning Man every year, and participating in Boom Festival's Kosmic Kare Harm Reduction Center. In 2016 Charles begin working in the therapeutic field for the Crossroads Treatment Center and the Ibogaine Institute before joining the team at the Baja Ibogaine Center. He currently lives in Portland where he consults and has a private practice.

=<{ Colby Rex O'Neill

Q&A with a presentation of portions of the film Furthr celebrating the 50th anniversary run of the Furthr Bus staring Zane Kesey

=<{ Kari O'Godmother

Flying in from Canada to be here, Kari is elated to share the truth and knowledge she has gathered along her journey. Known in her community as 'Kari Godmother' for being a healer and conduit of social change she finds pleasure in being a safe space for all who need it. With a focus on holistic Health and paradigm shifts, she comes with the intention to talk about what's been unspoken. From cannabis to orgasms to the way we label illness, she comes unapologetically to wake you up to the beauty of our truth; We can heal ourselves.

=<{ Jhenna-Vie Rijborz Riborjg of Sea Lotus Expeditions on whale song and sound healing


=<{ The Binge Lounge by The Binge Shop

The Binge Shop is a counter-culture fashion and art marketplace featuring designs from the controversial series, “The Binge”, by digital artist, Brian Pollett AKA PIxel Pusha. Brian did 20 Drugs over 20 Days and designed a piece of art influenced by the effects. The Binge Shop has taken those designs and applied them to clothing. All clothing is manufactured on-demand at our Southern California facility.


The Goddess Temple of Ashland is a sanctuary for reverence and nurturance of the feminine divine in ALL. We embrace omni-faith understanding​, we welcome all genders, sexual orientations, and ages, we strive to be a place and community of the respect, love, and sanctuary that is deserved by all children of the Great Mother.

You are welcome here. ​

The temple is located on the back ceremonial grounds of the Jackson Wellsprings, where the temple community currently stewards the land, ritual immersion pool, and hillside. Woven into the seasons and the cycles of the landscape, the temple opens for visitors in the spring of each year, thrives and ripens throughout summer, settles in autumn, and then closes for rest and renewal through the winter months. Temple altars change with the cycles of the seasons, inspired by the natural world, the colors and particular qualities of the many seasons of life. The interior of the temple dome is kept icon free, so that all traditions and all people can feel welcomed to pray in their own way.

The temple grounds, surrounding the temple dome, are graced with herb and flower gardens, a seasonal wheel garden, altars, Moonlodge tipi, Mikvah ritual immersion pool, stone circle, and countless places of sanctified beauty.

The Goddess Temple is a place of deep nourishment, quiet reflection, prayer, meditation, rest, connection with Mother Earth, and subtle attunement for your spirit. We hold it to be true that the divine feminine is a Presence that lives in everyone, both men and women, and in the shared mystical experiences within every religious tradition. Once more, we welcome you!


MED Fund Events & Activities Raise Awareness of and Proudly Support Psychedelic and Other Alternative Medicine Research and Education.

Our Beneficiaries Include:

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies & the Aware Project

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